Haiti - you have those stories of people finding "Jars l'argent"

Josy - July 19 2014, 11:13 PM

The government allowed Reynolds to dig without supervision, and I believe in my heart they mined also for precious metal or even gold. Reynolds did not built schools, roads, clinics, and did nothing for the area. I was a little girl, but remember and Haiti got a raw deal. I would not be surprise about the rumors, but I trust President Martelly and he will not allow it to happen again under his watch.

The government needs to monitor foreign companies, and must have inspectors to watch foreign companies who want to mine in the country.

They need to build schools, clinics, roads, and other things for the locals or employees.

I have heard stories as a child, and boats coming in the middle of the night in Port Salue.

They would disappear in the morning, and left holes.

France, and the slave owners' descendants have maps of Haiti.

They know where the gold, and other precious metals are located.

They buried them after the revolt, and left the country.

They thought it was a temporary situation, and they will be back soon. It did not happen, and you have those stories of people finding "Jars l'argent".

They killed their slaves, and buried the bodies with the huge clay jars. It looks like a giant "cruche", and I have seen them in country homes.

They are used to keep water, and keep it cool.

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