We have 85 percent of Haitian intellectuals living in the...

Frantz Nelson - July 15 2014, 4:34 PM

We have 85 percent of Haitian intellectuals living in the diaspora in which we were forced to live outside our country for the interest of Haitian/ American politicians.

So; the new replacement of the 85 percent is doom with sadness.

The 15 percent who remains are not all intellectuals.

We are at least behind briefly 100 years behind...

The worst case scenario, after all these years of suffering from our so called international Europeans/American friends, today they're still in full control of our country.

For example, Y should Haitians and Haitian/Americans have to pay the hotels in Haiti, our own country, the same price as international tourism?

After we were forced to exile directly and indirectly, why they're still torturing us for been Haitians in our own country?

The way we understand the quote of the Haitian government that said; "Haiti is open for business".

Does it mean that Haiti is open for business only for the rich and famous around the world?

Going back to Football soccer, the explanation is "the mass remain with no education".

Treason is for some Haitian politicians, but not for we the people of God. Amen...

I am hoping our president can make a difference into our future...

If he does, he will be bless and his family, with also; all of those who believe in progress instead of interest...

Frantz Nelson
Frenchie The Vth de Petion-Ville

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