That's a shame Haitian talking bad about their own religion...

Jean Jocelet Theagene - July 14 2014, 3:21 PM

That's a shame Haitian talking bad about their own religion.

To be a true nation we need to have our own religion so Haitian can share the same believe.

Could history of our independence be repeated the way it is now?

When Catholic and protestant are destroying anything good about the voodoo witch is a religion alike.

One thing to remember Mr the cardinal; go the old testament of the bible you will find out that your Catholic religion wasn't Catholic in the past but changes with the time. Voodoo could be better with the time also if it was not chasing in the past. If it was in the USA, they would take you to court and you would pay a lot of money for denigrating another religion.

We really need a " Religious Freedom law" for the full respect of the Haitian people believe.

No religion is better than any other Religions, it is just a matter of time. Haitian Congress:act now please! Jtheagene [at]

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