HAHa This girl is crazy. She is the one destroying the...

Didier - July 13 2014, 9:37 PM

HAHa This girl is crazy.

She is the one destroying the country.

How much are hotels in the states?

Why people going in with 6 mallet's because there are something you don't find in Haiti.

I'm ashamed of this woman.

Haiti has more to offer than what you think.

You give your family money because you want to and you have some money to give, nobody forces you. She said discount.

You ever went to Labady, I don't think so.

Seul Port-au-prince ou konnen.

There are motels too you no, that are 50 dollars or 25 dollars a night.

Hotels in the united states or to the lowest 200 a night.

Not even for a good hotel.


100 us dollars at a local restaurant ca give you food for about 1 week. I'm ashamed of all of this. A Haitian, talking down on their country.

C'est une Honte.

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