You are absolutely right! Haiti is too expensive for the...

Eleanore - July 13 2014, 1:31 PM

You are absolutely right! Haiti is too expensive for the quality of service they are providing, but they will learn that soon enough.

However, I do not agree with you on the rate, since there are hotels in other countries that are very expensive, but the QUALITY of service they provide is up to par with the cost.
In Haiti, it is get rich quick, Haitians must learn that the profit must go to improving the business instead of running on Friday on the last flight in the afternoon to make a deposit at a bank in Florida rather than leaving the money and investing in their country.

But their is hope, at least they are building the let us encourage them, if you can come, do so! stay with your family! enjoy your time with them and give Haiti a chance with your support, by being there at least once a year...if you can.

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