Look, although I disagree with some of your ideas, the reality...

Michel-ange Chevry - June 24 2014, 11:58 AM

Look, although I disagree with some of your ideas, the reality is Haiti is NOT open for business.

Life in Haiti is not only expensive, it is impractical and untenable.

Allow me to go a bit deeper into the problem.

In Haiti, all business is conducted in US dollars, yet the country runs on a gourdes economy.

According to the Central Intelligence Agency (2013), unemployment rose from 9.61 percent in 2009 to 40.6 percent after the 2010 earthquake.

As a result, more than two-thirds of the labor force does not have formal jobs. Of those that do work, 38.1 percent are in agriculture, 11.5 percent are employed by manufacturing industries, and 50.4 percent are in the service industry (CIA, 2013).

Further, I am of the opinion that these numbers are unrealistic.

I am sure most of you will understand when I say that that only a portion of the population is likely reported in the census; thus, in the employment forum.

This suggests that the unemployment rate is even more frightening.

That said, how can a country with such a high percentage of unemployment be expected to sustain a living on the meager monies they scrape together to survive?

How can the majority of the people afford to live in their own country?

The fact is, the country will never be open for business; that is, not until the people can properly care for themselves and their families.

Only then will the country of Haiti be able to afford to welcome visitors and others.

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