I am trying very hard to Fill a BIG Gap in the Haitian...

I am trying very hard to Fill a BIG Gap in the Haitian community.

The gap is...

The speed at which we get information.

That's why I created www.PajLa.com - Haitian Search Engine.

Our Haitian Community is expending rapidly and there are enough proffessional in our community to keep us from going outside.

They all need our support and we owe our support to them.

That what make for a Strong Community.

You know that in the United States, a Strong Community DOES have a voice in Politics, in local issues as well as international issues.

Hopefully, with the help of my new Haitian Online Yellow pages, the Haitian Community will be more able to find the products and services that are being delivered by our own brothers and sisters.

Thank you for your kind comments.

Got a business?

list it on www.pajla.com
Haiitan Yellow Pages

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