How are you going to compare Pounds Sterling. Dollar and...

Frustratedhaitian - June 18 2014, 12:47 AM

How are you going to compare Pounds Sterling.

Dollar and Gourde, lol. The UK and France or anywhere in Europe will naturally be more expensive because their money is worth more than the US Dollar.

The US dollar doesn't go far anywhere Middle east or Europe.

Of course the Minustah doesn't have that issues, they have the wealthy UN footing the bill. Haiti has to understand who is truly going to bring business back to the country and the diaspora is who it will be. The truth hurts just cause I have the money doesn't mean i'm going to spend it. The problem with Haitians is that you can't stare the truth in the face you rather brush it under the table.

What are people gonna think?

Who cares!

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