On some point you right, it's open for business not open for...

Jean - June 18 2014, 12:27 AM

on some point you right, it's open for business not open for tourist, we need more investor to go invest built resorts where all inclusive but now we only have a group of people that control the market no competition, if we have some resort in jacmel, aux cayes Gelee more and more i bet you they would reduce their price rade sale lavee en famille en nou kembe li entre nous let go buil some Hotel and offer a fair price and we will compete with Jamaica and Dominican republic, Haiti is ready for anything we the one that need to return back and build the country(let stop complain about what Haiti can offer, let see what we can offer Haiti)we have a government right now that have great vision for the country let join together with him and support him, Yes we can

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