Let me say as a starter that I was surprised to hear this...

Gerard - June 17 2014, 6:43 PM

Let me say as a starter that I was surprised to hear this young lady's speech.

I will say, from the onset, that she is right.

What I admire mostly in her is that she did not insult anybody like the other people in Haiti who happen to disagree with someone.

Usually they start by insulting you when they not even make their case. They disagree with you and it is an opportunity for them to drench you and stomp all over you. This young lady said that " Haiti is not open for business " and she explains why without insulting anybody.

I congratulate her and I hope that those responsible in Haiti listen to her and review most of their policies so that Haiti may really be " Open for business "
Congratulations!!! Congratulations!!!
And if anyone of those " bozos" bark at you as I am sure they will, bite them hard, very hard, rip their clothes off their back and put them to shame.

You were great.

Haiti needs more people like you...

Kudo for you.

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