This is how it is the FIFA doesn't see Haiti as a country but...

Anglade Sadaah Dieudonne - June 17 2014, 9:37 AM

This is how it is the FIFA doesn't see Haiti as a country but as a client, if Haiti wants to broadcast the 20th FIFA World Cup they sent the package to Haiti.

There are two ways u can see it. 1st) FIFA would never give Haiti the rights for free when they know most of the Haitian media are making good money over the commercials by broadcasting the World Cup, just check and see by yourself 35 out of 50 Haitian radio stations & TV are broadcasting the World Cup and try to contact one of them then you will have an idea about how they're asking if you wanna negotiate the commercial of your product.

2nd) A second way u could also see it, the Haitian football federation as a member of the FIFA could have asked FIFA a better deal for Haiti to broadcast the World Cup but they didn't, then we cannot complain

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