My name is Eline age 14 and I am a Haitian american, I think...

My name is Eline age 14 and I am a Haitian american, I think there should be changes in how people critize us. After all we a re the one's who fought for our freedom first and had all the other cariddiean nations following us to their independence.

I also think that there is a great number of Haitians who regret being Haitians and I think that should stop. We should learn to help each other and trust each other.

We should also be ourselves and respect our elders.

No nation is greater to the other even though some believe that, so we should respect not only our nation but everyone's nation.

I am trying to become a singer and an actress so I would like it if people out there could help me in succeeding as both and I hope you listen to my message and post it.

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