atGus 1. Haiti keep dumping poor immigrants on the Dominican...

Ricart - March 14 2014, 3:22 PM


1. Haiti keep dumping poor immigrants on the Dominican Republic and feels entitled to do so.

2. Haitians lie to ban eggs and meat products from DR (The World Health Organization had declared the Dominican Republic free of bird flu three years before the ban)

3. Haitians keep defaming the DR on international forums and accusing Dominicans of being racist.

4. The Dominican Republic, a poor nation, has the financial burden of supporting 500,000+ Haitian immigrants that devalue job wages and property value.

5. Haitians think that The Dominican Republic should grant automatic citizenship to the sons and daughters of illegal Haitian immigrants, in contravention of what it is stipulated in the Dominican constitution: The Dominican Republic does not grant automatic citizenship to "immigrants in transit" and their offspring born in their territory.

But someway, somehow, The Dominican Republic is the problem, not Haiti.

Nice logic, brother.

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I like your comment that exacly what there need to...

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