Listen when the DR government made that mistake I was more...

Pj - March 14 2014, 1:13 PM

listen when the DR government made that mistake I was more upset than anybody else, now we needs to show the Domican government, not the dominican people's that we are not the same with them. those who asked for revenge, I think you need to go back to history read about Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X. you can't fight darkness in the dark, u needs to put light, you can't fight violence by being violent so please haitian people's show the world what they think about us is not true they wrong, dead wrong.

understand what's that's mean, what its take for 7 people to walked from DR the capital to Haiti just think about it, we supposed to brought them water and gave them a hands by saying stand up brother, stand up sister.

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