Who died from the Titanic?

There was a haitian couple from France who were in the Titanic.

He was a very well to do man. He had a first class ticket but because of segregation, he was put in second class.

When the boat was sinking, he was given the choice to save himself with his two children or his wife with the children.

He chose his wife then died.
His wife lived in NY for a long time then return to France.

His two children became successful doctors and one died recently.

more inf: little known black history fact from hot 105 FM.

The children of henry Christophe lived in England with the queen.

Do you have more inf?

The queen ancestors come from africa.

Meddici very well knewn Italian architect.

he was half Nigerian and half Italian his wife was German.

When the soon queen left germany her hair was axed to hide the kinkiness.

Do you have more info.

How many people died from the Titanic, I have no idea but I will check.

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