Helo Mr Lormine, why I write in english

Mr lormine, thank you for writing the the haitian internet.

I don't write in french because (1) I choose not to speak french and (2) I really want your kids to understand what we are talking about.

if you have kids and they live here in the USA, chances are they understand creole, speak english and NO french.

your kids are the future of Haiti.

I am trying to broadcast to them, I hope you can help me get their attention.

otan nou pale franse, prefere nou pale kreyol.

m-pale kreol ak fanmi-m, m-pale angle ak zanmi-m
se rigwaz selman ki ki te fè-m pale francais
Woodring Saint Preux


Re: DameMarie

Hey, I was born there myself, but I left when I was 2 years old. I can still find some pictures for you, because my...

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