please learn how to respond other's messages it means that you care

Mr. or Miss.

You really seem like someone who cares about haitians and Haiti.

It is a shame.

If you read all these messages, there is never a response but I dare you start cursing you'll how many responces you will get.
I sew a message once on netscape about black calling each other Nigger.

I gave my opinion and just that one topic there were over a thoursand reponses.

It is the same with haitian government and people, the talk but they don't respond maybe because they don't care about your thoughts.

I do understand that baby doc robed us of everything but our chain of thoughts, that worse than the colon.

to repond to your message.

I was listening to a haitian radio station once and there a haitian historian, wonderful chap. By his words, there were laws in haiti and people obeyed them but I said last time, these laws now are obsolete.

Any way I hope people start paying attention to others thoughts no just theirs always also find a way to focus in one subject.



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Hey, I was born there myself, but I left when I was 2 years old. I can still find some pictures for you, because my...

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