I don't know what's going on in Labadie Haiti. After a Haitian...

I don't know what's going on in Labadie Haiti.

After a Haitian has made to the United States, I don't think it's fair to deport them back to haiti Punishment should be here in America.

If a haitian child grew up in the U.S. it is not ok to deport them for any reason.

A child raised in the U.S. knows nothing about Haiti.

How would the child even survive in a country that seems unfamiliar?! Deportation like that is cruel.

When the government does that, it is not only damaging to the child, it destoys their family.

When things like that happen, it is only a way for Americans to get rid of Black people.

It's a racial issue.

The Pope John Paul II was just a man to me. He was a sinner just like evryone else.

I respect him but I don't see him as anyone who is Holy. He was a good leader and example for the Catholic Church.

He did fight a lot for democracy in other countries.

So, I admire him for that.

All of haiti's old leaders should not come back. Haiti needs a leader who knows how the American system is run, in order to lead Haiti.

Most of the leaders never truly cared about the interests of the Haitian people.

That's why Haiti has its political, economical, and spiritual problems.

Clodine Marie Nestan

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