Oh, Lord!!! Please know about what you write! This is an...

Dr1 - December 29 2013, 12:41 PM

Oh, Lord!!! Please know about what you write! This is an offense to History.

"This first Haitian Taino to revolt against the Spanish which destroyed La Navidad was led by Caonabo, Cacique de la Maguana..." Hatian?

He was indian...Haiti was not stablished yet, and as you MAY know Haiti is pure African descent.

Know your History and don't contribute to Hatian ignorance.

No, the Santa Maria did not sink there.

Also, let me ask you a question?

Where are all the Spanish Houses, Monuments, and historic places of Spanish descent?

How many Haiti Has?

Please, not everybody here is Ignorant.

Know about what you write, please.

like I said, Don't contribute to Haitian ignorance!

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