I am an Actor having several degrees in Theater along with...

Maggy Gousse - November 6 2013, 12:51 PM

I am an Actor having several degrees in Theater along with years of experience in the field, in different Countries.

You must choose the work you accept to do! It is a must!

I am not a very big celebrity in the USA however you must know I have refused many jobs because they weren't worthy to me. I do not need it!

Now, let me tell you, I am probably the only Prestige Model (1989-90) I think, to have modeled for the calendar poster without showing my breast.

I had a nice T-Shirt on and not wet, for your imagination.

All to say, It was my choice! I said no to showing and this was in Haiti.

Unfortunately, I believe Tonton Bicha has done a mistake and indeed, it is too late! He probably got cut-up with the money, the fame, the crossing border and many other foolish reasons an actor uses to advance himself.

In my opinion, he is to be forgiven however boycotting the commercial by stopping its diffusion is a good idea!

In regards to the Voodoo comments, I am a very strong Christian however this cultural heritage is the very thing that brought our beloved Country to its deliverance and Independence.

In some way, It's our secret society.

without it, Toussaint Louverture would not have been able to have communication for its revolt through the beat of drums from the mountains.

To boycott the commercial shall possibly give Haitian people back a bit of their true pride.

Everyday, our pride is being taking away from us, everyday! This one is too much and too close to home.

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