Dear all, It's really time to do something about this issue...

Wilkenson - October 17 2013, 12:32 PM

Dear all,

It's really time to do something about this issue that causes huge damages to our society and country.

I've lived the life of a "restavek" when I was a child.

For two years, my own family did that to me after my mother left for France and my father died a few months after in 1980.

I had to do things that normally adults could do: housekeeping, go to the market, etc...

It's very cruel because sometimes I've been beaten, I slept on the floor and I've been very badly fed.

The guilty ones were my grand aunt, my mother's cousins.


Haitian government has to work on it by punishing those who do this to children: fines, prison sentences.

This has to do with the country's future.

If we keep on destroying those children's lives, there's no future for Haïti.

Refer to Maurice Sixto's story "Saintanise" I AM A SURVIVOR of this insanity.

Shame on those we keep on doing that to our children.

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