True. I can attest to that. I experienced that once. I was on...

Jb - October 4 2013, 12:06 PM

True. I can attest to that. I experienced that once. I was on the bus with my wife and children going to DR. and, shortly after we passed the border.

We were stopped at a checkpoint.

The DR authorities got on for their routine bus inspections.

They asked all the dark skin folks for their passports and IDs, they looked at my family and I then walked out. My wife who is full blood Dominican says to me, you see they did not say anything to you because you are light skin. I definitely think that was completely wrong, they should have checked everyone on the bus regardless of your complexion.

That was profiling to the max. However, I think if it was the other way around and the Haitian government had immigration issues with DR. At a routine checkpoint, the Haitian authorities would probably check all the light skins passengers assuming that they are all Dominicans by default.

My three reasons for this:
1 - Ignorance on the part of the Dominicans.

2 - The Haitian government for not doing its job.
3 - The Haitian sugar cane cutters and the poor physical appearance/ behaviors of most Haitians leaving in DR give a negative impression of all Haitians, especially for the darker skins Haitians.

In this case including Mario.

Most Dominicans are extremely narrowed minded and are poorly educated about themselves and the rest of the world

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