Do you consider Creole as a language?

Do I consider Creole as a language?

Yes, I do consider it as a language because that's my way of communication.

I wish I could modernize certain words on the language when i look at it some times but it's still a language.

I left haiti in JAN. 99 going to the U.S., i was supposed to be in troisieme.

By the end of my primary years or early in my secondary year in school, I finally learned learne how to write in Creole while everything I Write in school was in french though I did not used it much in verbal.

Now that I am in the U.S., my friends and I only speak one language Creole...

Nou pale Anglais tou of course.

I think that french should only be a second language and Creole be the first.

Mwen se Haitien, mwen se Creole, Langue mwen se creole, medame lakay yo se Creole, maje'm se Creole, tout bagay Creole.

I also started telliung people that I am creole.

I am Creole and I am proud to be Creole!!!!!!

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Do you consider Creole as a language?

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