I'd like to first and foremost point out to the Haitian...

Gonzales R Joseph - September 29 2013, 8:43 AM

I'd like to first and foremost point out to the Haitian Constitution of 1987 states that children born to Haitian parents in a foreign land can still claim Haitian citizenship.

I can't remember exactly what article but I will research and post it up unless the 1 of the last 3 administrations (Lavalas, Preval, and Martely) changed it.

Nonetheless, even with all of Haiti's problems, I think we have room to accommodate these children of our brothers and sisters who left in search of a better life! I say our Haitian Government welcomes them with open arms and help integrate them into Haitian Society!

Who knows some of these people might be geniuses come to help push our beautiful island forward!!!

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