Is not Natcom-Teleco a telephone company? Accordingly they...

Gerard Pollas - September 28 2013, 2:38 PM

Is not Natcom-Teleco a telephone company?

Accordingly they would not have much experience in the field of production and distribution of electricity.

So, what does the prime minister is talking about.

If he wants to subsidise the loss of EDH it is not by bankrupting Natcom-Telecom he is going to solve the problem.

When you have a business entity that suffers 70% losses in it's operation thru thefts and can hardly provide service to 40% of it's regular paying customers the solution is first to curb the theft of electricity to stabilize the main source of income of the electric company and then invite private investors to get involve to refinance the ailing company EDH. If not this is a move that no investors would do if from the get go they are sure to loose 70% of their investment.

There is a way to curb the theft of electricity like it has been done in many other countries in the world but there must be the will to do it by being pratical while avoiding to turn the solution into a political downfall.

That is possible.

The Prime Minister 's idea will wind up with two bankrupted companies instead of one and they will be EDH and Natcom-Teleco.

This is not the right solution to this chinese jigsaw puzzle.

There is a way to accomplish what he intend to do but he needs to get the right solution.


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