Haitian's people, sorry for the inconvenient, I read 5 very...

Patrick Princivil - July 9 2013, 1:07 AM

Haitian's people,

sorry for the inconvenient, I read 5 very important messages about Haiti newsletter, but I was so busy and I didn't have time to share my opinion with you; now I will try to kill five birds with one stone, I will start from new to old messages.

You talk about bad economy in Haiti, I don't know between 1804-1957 if the economic was okay in Haiti.

I am born in Haiti in 1961, from when I started to do about good and bad I've never seeing Haiti with a good economic.

I knew the economy of Haiti was worst when Haiti was under embargo because of the conflict between Jean Bertrand Aristides and Raoul Cédras; We buy everything from other countries and we never have anything to sell to other countries, (pa trompé tèt nou) tandé.

Business is doing bad in the Dominican Republic because US government and la France start to give the massage therapy (manyin membres yo).

they took the Dominican's people under Haiti's hand. They made good arrangement with Dominican republic because of their colors: they open heavy companies of farms with all kind tractors to farm the land of Dominican Republic properly and everywhere in Dominican Republic have pave roads to collect the foods there.

The Haitian people's farmer have to use horses to collect the foods they made, just to eat for themselves, I think this is a curse.

When buying land in Haiti, Make sure you are buying private land (tè tit) and not State owned land (tè leta) AND...

even when it is private land, make sure you are buying land from the rightful owner, great.

Why I never hear about that mess like that in Canada-US?

My uncle was a lawyer, in front of me a guy told my uncle: there is a land who don't belong to him, but he want to steal it, help him to steal that land he would take care of my uncle (lap géré mon oncle mwen).

I want you to understand that, state ( leta Haïtien) never forget when we have to pay the State money whatever years pass on that bill they never erase it from the computer, this mean if the government of Haiti wants catch people from stealing land etc. from people they can. President Martely need to have very good people he gives credit to control all the computers to serve the nation better.

I think they don't have that shit in the provinces of Haiti, a woman made somebody kidnapped her own daughter in Port au Prince and made the kidnaper ask her husband who leave in US $50,000.00 US, the reason I know that because the father found the $50,00.00US to pay the kidnaper, they release the girl, when they ask the little girl if they abused her, she said no! they threat her well, her mom brought her foods and juice every; a mother who showed the neighbors she was almost died for missing the child, she hide the child in a province to suck her husband's blood.

Haiti Fish Consumption Below World Average, One Man's Plan To Fix That

It looks like Haiti never had government, almost all the Haitian's people have water and electricity in their houses and don't pay anything to the state of Haiti (létat) for the electricity, just gave EDH some money under the table and etc. they find service they want, just under the table.

The final one,

you woke up the morning after I got rid of the big ugly butterfly in the house and grapped a piece of bread to eat with my morning coffee.

as I walked through the back porch, the bread fell out of my hands.

Remember that,

3:1-5 Satan assaulted our first parents, to draw them to sin, and the temptation proved fatal to them. The tempter was the devil, in the shape and likeness of a serpent.

Satan's plan was to draw our first parents to sin, and so to separate between them and their God. Thus the devil was from the beginning a murderer, and the great mischief maker.

The person tempted was the woman: it was Satan's policy to enter into talk with her when she was alone.

There are many temptations to which being alone gives great advantage; but the communion of saints tends very much to their strength and safety.

Satan took advantage by finding her near the forbidden tree. They that would not eat the forbidden fruit, must not come near the forbidden tree. Satan tempted Eve, that by her he might tempt Adam. It is his policy to send temptations by hands we do not suspect, and by those that have most influence upon us. Satan questioned whether it were a sin or not, to eat of this tree. He did not disclose his design at first, but he put a question which seemed innocent.

Those who would be safe, need to be shy of talking with the tempter.

He quoted the command wrong.

He spoke in a taunting way. The devil, as he is a liar, so he is a scoffer from the beginning; and scoffers are his children.

It is the craft of Satan to speak of the Divine law as uncertain or unreasonable, and so to draw people to sin; it is our wisdom to keep up a firm belief of God's command, and a high respect for it. Has God said, Ye shall not lie, nor take his name in vain, nor be drunk, &c.?

Yes, I am sure he has, and it is well said; and by his grace I will abide by it. It was Eve's weakness to enter into this talk with the serpent: she might have perceived by his question, that he had no good design, and should therefore have started back. Satan teaches men first to doubt, and then to deny. He promises advantage from their eating this fruit.

He aims to make them discontented with their present state, as if it were not so good as it might be, and should be. No condition will of itself bring content, unless the mind be brought to it. He tempts them to seek preferment, as if they were fit to be gods. Satan ruined himself by desiring to be like the Most High, therefore he sought to infect our first parents with the same desire, that he might ruin them too. And still the devil draws people into his interest, by suggesting to them hard thoughts of God, and false hopes of advantage by sin. Let us, therefore, always think well of God as the best good, and think ill of sin as the worst evil: thus let us resist the devil, and he will flee from us.

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