Haiti - Dominican Republic relationship mimics real life marriages and relationships

Rey - June 28 2013, 2:32 AM

I believe you can find the same coming from many Dominicans, whom don't like Haitians and have never been to Haiti at all.

I think the hate resides in how our two countries went about becoming what the are today.

It mimics real life marriages and relationships, which when gone sour and separate their own ways, tend to become hostile and hateful of the other side.

Sadly the image most Dominicans have of Haiti and Haitians is that of those migrants seeking economic refuge in the DR. Most of the times they are represented by the poorest of Haiti's economy and society.

Often unschooled and homeless.

As for the Dominicans in Haiti?

Most work there as prostitutes or just as in-between merchants.

Not the best representation of Dominican economy or society.

Haitian and Dominicans need to learn a lot from each other, rather than rely on old history as a source.

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