Haiti-Dominican issues usually arise from the way we present ourselves

Jacques L - June 27 2013, 12:56 PM

The history between DR and Haiti is deep: We occupied them, they occupied us, They didn't want to join us in the revolution, the massacre on the border (Trujillo), etc...

But in the end, we do need to get past that.

I was there last year and my sister has lived there for 13 years without problems.

But she tells me the issues usually arise from the way we present ourselves.

They're picking about that and we're not. In the 50's, they were embarrassed in front us because we were ahead of them.

They worked hard to get past us. Now, we're backwards compared to OUR 50's. And for that, they disrespect us.

They wonder what they ever saw in us. We need to raise our standards from greedy, self-centered politicians to visionaries that would move our country forward.

From the looks of it, we're on our way. But we have to keep pushing.

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