A long history between Dominican Republic and Haiti

Joseph Gourgue - June 27 2013, 11:59 AM

There is a long history between the DR/HAITI.

We must not forget that Haiti ruled the DR for more than two decades.

Second, the DR under Thug President Trujillo with the Parsely Massacre, they killed over 20,000 Haitians who were living around the DR border.

That was our only crime living peacefully.

Trujillo wanted so bad to the DR a WHITE place so that European can visit and they can choose to reside there as well.

This was the worse human massacre in North America.

I have traveled in the DR twice.

I didn't experience anything negative just like whenever I traveled anywhere.

However, our brothers and sisters have suffered MUCHO in the DR! Finally, the Haitian government have been so ineffective and corrupt during the past 60 years making it so difficult for Haitians to be respected all around the world.

We have one of the premiere history in North America but yet everyone looks at us like Haiti is the worse place people live.

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I really like your article but I can see that you...

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