For those of us with that special love for our beloved Haiti...

David - June 23 2013, 3:01 AM

For those of us with that special love for our beloved Haiti, we sometimes felt like we don't belong anywhere else but there.

I know that I do most of the time. It's not a secret, Haiti is the land that just kept growing under your skin, no matter how bad, unsafe, dirty or even poor people can see my Haiti.

This the land where I belong.

I have traveled around 38 states, the entire Central America, almost all the Caribbean with the exceptions of three, visited Europe and never could I find in these locations the kind of joy, peace, laughter comfort that Haiti cheri-m nan ban mwen.

So ou douvan gason-m, mwen deye ou pye pou pye.

NB Se pa pou san rezon yo te fe chante Ayiti cheri, pi bel peyi pase ou nan pren, fok mwen te kite-w pou mwen te kapab konprann vale-w.

And now I can say that I know what my Haiti is worth.

I do hope and pray that us in the Diaspora would see fit to go back home so we can change stuff.

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Felicitations!!! that's what i'm planning to do in a...

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