Hello Woody Wow, This is a great story. You are right. No one...

William Jusme - June 22 2013, 10:35 AM

Hello Woody

Wow, This is a great story.

You are right.

No one can make you happy, you have to take the steps to find yourself in the path of happiness.

Your future depends on your decisions making.

Great CEOs do what others will not do. If you feel this is your call, go for it. After all, you would regret if you did not make the call. If it happens to be a bad call, the same way you were able to make the first call, despite of all adversities, you will do it again.

God Speed Brother.

I will join you very soon. I have already purchased my 4 hectares of land near St. Marc to build my Ranch.

I have two dump trucks in Haiti to provide trucking services.

I will be there soon too brother once I get everything situated here in the USA. My real estate business is little bit shaky right now. But things are getting better.

Good Speed, Haiti is safer than many other countries.

Haitian people are docile and nice. I don't know what people are talking about.

We need our own Professional Military Force, We need our own Profession Police Force.

We need to get the foreign forces out of Haiti.

We need to sign a treaty with all Caribbean Nations to protect the integrity of democracy in the region.

No Coup D'etat would be allowed regardless of its form or shape.

Because we know well once the foreign forces depart Haiti, we may fall back in the arena of coup D'etat again.

This action destabilizes the progress in Haiti in all fronts.

We cannot afford to stay idle or move backward.

We must go full speed ahead in double time because we are so far behind.

I predict.

If Haiti continues to move forward as she is right now, in the next twenty five years, Haiti will catch up or surpass many countries in the Caribbean.

Haiti has one great resource other countries in the Caribbean don't have: "People" Over four Millions Haitians are living abroad.

Can you imagine if we could have a system where our government is credible enough so our people can contribute via a secured and credible government website an average of $250.00 a year as a contribution toward pushing Haiti forward for the next 10 years.

And we can educate people on how to save at least $1,000.00 a year if they follow the tips we could have available on the web site regarding spending, investing and/or budgeting.

This is one of biggest factors many of our brothers and sisters in the diaspora do not have any savings.

They work hard, but they are living pay check to pay check.

That is not good.

Here is the formula so we can help Haiti: 4m x 250g = 1b x 10y = 10b. That means, we in the diaspora could donate $10 billions dollars to our country in the next 10 years without even feeling it.

Remember I say AVERAGE because some of us can donate more than $250.00 some of us may donate less than $250.00. It can be done. All we need is the will to do it.

Have a good day.

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