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Robert - June 19 2013, 9:38 PM


I find it quite disappointing that people "assume" they know what the real situation is when in fact they do not. Aside from the fact that Cecilia Laurent lives in Canada (not Haiti) at the moment, we cannot assume that Haitians will be denied a record "because they are from Haiti".

All that matters is whether they have the documentary proof dating from near the time of birth.

Guinness World Records has accepted proven age claims from places such as Brazil (Maria Gomes Valentim in 2011, age 114) and India (Lucy D'Abreu, the UK's oldest woman in 2005, age 113).

Many Haitians are Catholic and likely have baptismal or other records to prove their age. All they need to do is apply.

As one of the world's leading experts in age verification of longevity claimants, allow me to state that I have reason to say that the Cicilia Laurent case is "dubious" and does not meet the requirements for age verification.

The situation could be completely different with someone else from Haiti.

Each case is judged individually based on the evidence, not what country they are from.

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