To Haitians and Non-Haitian Alike

"I Don't Look Haitian," is a wonderful poem that speaks volumes of truth.

It is true; there are many stereotypes about minorities in America, and Haitians in particular.

The poem addresses this poignant reality.

Still, one question remains: Have we as Haitian people internalized the same stereotypical views about our own people.

When a fellow Haitian says to me, "Marissa, you don't look Haitian," or is surprised when I say that I am Haitian, this makes me wonder...

This makes me wonder whether they, themselves have subscribed to the same stereotypical views that many naively believe are held only by those outside of our race or ethnic group.

This poem can serve to educate Haitians and non-Haitian, alike.

We must embrace who we are as a nation and as individuals, thereby, discarding the notion that all Haitians are...

How ridiculous is that!?! It's sort of like saying that all European descendents are clean and/or wealthy.

It's like saying that all Chinese men are highly intelligent.

Lastly, it's like saying that any blood line is entirely free from miscegenation.

Thank you Prosper Sylvain, Jr. I too hope that my children will not have to face the hurtful stereotypical views held about their mother's Haitian descent.

I hope all stereotypes will be done away with, though I know we are far from realizing this utopian idea. I guess all I can do is start with me and attempt to impress this on my children one day.

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