Let's not mistaken the length of time you are allowed to stay...

Raynald Delerme - May 30 2013, 9:43 PM

Let's not mistaken the length of time you are allowed to stay in the United States as a non-immigrant and the time frame you are allowed to travel.

It is not also the first time a visa specifies what the beneficiary is coming to the US for. I have requested and have been granted visas for my employees and actors in the past to come to the US to cover or take part of events.

The visas stated clearly what the people were coming to the US for. This is common practice, so let us not make a big case out of nothing and be ridiculed as a nation.

Since the Senator requested a visa to attend that specific event, he was granted one and he was given 2 days to get there.

Now, when he gets to his first port of entry in the US, he will be interviewed by an Immigration Officer who will decide how long the Senator can stay in the US. If the event lasts 2 days or a week or 2 weeks, he will probably be given a few days beyond that and this will be stated on his I-94. To me that's all it is and anything else being said by anyone is pure ignorance of US immigration procedures or just a free propaganda ride. Often when people are given a 6 months visa, they think that they are allowed to stay in the US for 6 months.

Big mistake, it only means that you have 6 months to get to the US. You try to travel after that, they won't even let you on the plane.

When you get to your first port of entry, the immigration officer will decide how long you can stay. Sometimes they allow you 6 months.

Another big surprise many Haitians get, they stay for the whole 6 months and when they try to renew their visas,..


If you got a visa on the basis that you have a job in Haiti, how can you stay 6 months without going back to work?

Sorry for being long, but I don't want everyone to think that we all are ignorant of common rules.

I have nothing against the Senator, my Senator, but aren't Senators supposed to have advisers?

This is a gross mistake.

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