First off, factory jobs as they are now in Haiti, and in most...

Pat J Louis - May 15 2013, 11:58 AM

First off, factory jobs as they are now in Haiti, and in most parts of the world are terrible, but nothing close to slavery.

The fact is that I cannot tell you which is worse off, as I haven't worked as either.

However, in the scale of a countries' evolution into an industrialized nation, factory jobs are the logical next step. What must be done to better serve the "average Jean" or average Haitian is greater investment in education, particularly trade and technical institutions as well as elementary education, and public works such as roads and general infrastructure maintenance.

What will benefit the Haitian people overall would be a cost of living wage adjustment.

This would be way down the line once the country has properly achieved emerging country status.

These are my 2 pence.

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