Your choice of a good wife: Someone who can can cook, can clean OR career woman?

If you ask your Haitian father for advice on how to get a good woman, a good candidate for a wife, he will probably counsel you to get a woman who can cook and clean but is that all you need these days?

PHOTO: A Haiti mother and child deported at midnight from the Dominican Republic

I am not even going to point the fingers at young Haitian-American women born, raised, and bred in the United States; they are not accustomed to the typical "wifey" things from good old Haiti.

Before you say yes to a typical Haitian man, let me just say that my mom still cleans my father's undergarments by hand after living 30 years in the United States. That makes her an "A+" good wife.

I know that over the years the requirements for what constitutes a good wife for Haitian man has changed but it seems to me that some Haitians are not really looking for a wife, they are looking for a maid.

No offense to my Haitian brothers out there but it is the truth.

What do you think about that?

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Lyn Hernandez says...

I agree.

My bestfriend is haitian and all he talks about is that he wants a wife that cooks and cleans only. I think he only wants a maid

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Rza says...

It seems like your mom is the one that decided to keep washing your dad is clothes by hands...

After 30 years in the U.S. I m pretty sure she is familiar with a washer and dryer..

Don't put that on your dad

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Femmes Haitiennes says...

Si vous demandez à votre père haitien des conseils sur la façon d'obtenir une bonne femme, un bon candidat pour une femme, il vous conseillera probablement d'avoir une femme qui peut cuisiner et nettoyer, mais est-ce tout ce dont vous avez besoin ces

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Subject: Your choice of a good wife: Someone who can can cook, can clean OR career woman? edit

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