5 Years away from the United States, I feel like a Caveman

WOW... I am out dated... LOL... After spending 5 years in a province in Haiti, away from the United States, I feel like a caveman, technologically speaking...

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I made a trip back to visit my family and I realize: my Laptop is out dated, Everything is different in the stores, my 8-year old niece's old phone is way more modern than my old Samsung Galaxy S4.

You really feel like an old fashion when your little nieces looks at your phone a says: "what is that uncle?"

But hey... My laptop still works although it make a lot of noise from all the dust in Haiti, and my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone still make calls.

I gave myself a break as a "New Technology, I Gotta Have It" kinda guy...

Is that a bad thing?

What do you think about that?

Reply with your message.

Oh... By the way... My brother felt sorry for me and brought me a new Laptop... Thanks Bro!

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Nesso says...

It is because you were having a more natural life and better time without stress of bills and being harrass.

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Kelvin Scoon says...

Youve just discovered 3 important things.

1. The digital divde between rich and poor countries is widening.

2. But even the lower level of technology that the rich discard could be a boon to productivity in poor countries.

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Jonathan says...

You have finally grown up and reached maturity.

Because you love technology, that does not mean you should buy every new models that come out.

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