WOW... Sean Penn's Haiti Earthquake Camp is No More?

After the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Haiti's only golf course, the Petionville Club, became a large relief camp run by Hollywood movie star Sean Penn... I just found out that this camp is NO MORE... A big sign that things are getting back to normal in Haiti... Don't you think?

Sean Penn's humanitarian group, J/P Haitian Relief Organization, said last week that there were several dozen people still in the settlement and there were expected to leave by Friday, 24 Jan, 2014.

The Associated Press reports...

"The nine-hole course swelled to an estimated 60,000 people but became famous largely because Penn assumed responsibility for the settlement as he founded the J/P Haitian Relief Organization to help people return to their old neighborhoods."

For better or worse, I guess this means "Mission Accomplished" for Sean Penn and his organization... I mean, the man didn't come to Haiti to turn every camp dweller into middle class citizens... Caring for them and getting them out of their homeless living condition, to me, is a job well done.

What do you think about that?

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Carol says...

Most definitely job well done! Haiti thanks you Sean Penn for having the heart to help and setting this grand example to

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Al Niadrouj says...

J/P Organization I commend you and the responsible parties for job well done, Please don' t give up on these poor folks they still need you, if you can continue to help, God will bless you (Sean and

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Bill says...

Obviously you have never been to Haiti or only for a week or two. Most of these people were forced into taking a $500 buyout.

They paid one months rent or bought food with it or medicines and are in another camp again.

over 100,000 are still displaced in Haiti and people like you make everyone think it is over. All that does is make things worse.

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Bouzios says...

I think Sean Penn's humanitarian group, J/P Haitian Relief Organization should give a brand new golf course to the club, than mission

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Barbara Murphy Bridge says...

J/P Haitian Relief Organization is to be highly commended for stepping up to the plate immediately after the devastation rather than sitting idly by wringing their hands.

Go to link below to see all they accomplished then please consider making a donation.

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Joy says...

Just the fact that he was there all this time shows that Penn was more sincere than a lot of governments and pre-established

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