Winning With Goals

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"We Become What We Think About Most Of The Time"
by: Woodring Saint Preux
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January 23rd, 2005
Yap Pale, Nap Travay!

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ARTICLE - Winning With Goals

The effectiveness of goal setting has been criticized
recently but many still believe that goals create achievers.
They give direction and focus to the frenetic who might
otherwise waste their time in pointless activity. They help
the over busy to focus on their priorities rather than the
next urgent problem that arises.

On the other hand, goals can create energy amongst those who
love to plan what they will do but never follow through. As
they begin to visualize their goals vividly, the energy will
start to flow in.

If you have energy but no goals, sit down long enough to
write down some possible goals and the steps to achieve

Jim Rohn teaches that we should never begin a day until we
have 'finished it on paper'.

If you have goals but no energy take one first step towards
your goal and you will start to feel energy. As you press on
other people and even events will help you.

Get excited about a goal or, at least, pretend to be excited
and energy will follow. One way to get excited is to vividly
visualize the accomplishment of your goal and the benefits
that will follow. See yourself achieving your goal now.

There are several helpful acronyms about goal setting. One I
created is the acronym DAWNING. If you start to achieve your
goals, you will see the dawning of a new day and a new year.

The words that create the DAWNING acronym are as follows:

Detailed - Make your goals detailed e.g. I will make an
extra £1000 or $2000.

Achievable - If you don't believe you can achieve your
goals, you are unlikely to achieve them. If necessary, set
an easier and smaller goal e.g. I will make £100. Enlarge it

Win Win - Make sure that your goal is not achieved at the
expense of some one else. If you are selling something, make
sure it has real value. Try to over deliver.

Now - State your goal in the present tense: "I now have
£1000 or $2000 in my account." When you imagine a goal as if
you have achieved it already, it becomes more compelling.

In The Future - Even though you are imagining that you have
achieved your goal already, you still, strangely enough,
have to set a date for its actual achievement. The
subconscious mind pulls you toward a deadline. You could
say: "I will have an extra £100 or $50 by the end of this
month." Write down what you have to do each day to reach
your deadline and take action to do it.

No Negatives - The subconscious mind ignores negatives and
focuses on whatever the negative is about. If you say: 'I do
not want to have a debt of £1000', your mind will latch on
to the idea of debt and will bring you into debt.

Goal Achieved - Focus on the moment when your goal will have
been achieved e.g. when you receive news on paper or online
that the £1000 or $2000 is now in your account. Imagine how
you feel and what you see as vividly as you can. If you have
felt you were a loser in the past, change your self image
and start seeing yourself as a winner.

There is only one way to find out whether goal setting is
effective. Give it a try and see what happens.

About the author

John Watson is an award winning teacher and fifth degree
black belt martial arts instructor. He has recently written
several books about achieving your goals and dreams. They
can be found on his website
along with a motivational message and books by other authors




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