Haitians consumes so much pasta, spaghetti and macaroni, why is it not made in Haiti?

Spaghetti and eggs in the morning has become a popular breakfast food in Haiti but the sad part of it is that all that spaghetti is imported into the country. Why is not made in Haiti? Manufacturing it in Haiti would create much needed jobs in the country.

Haitian Style Spaghetti - The Ingredients
Haitian Style Spaghetti - The Ingredients

Spaghetti and Macaroni, like other pasta, are made of milled wheat, water, and occasionally eggs and sometimes enriched with vitamins and minerals. It't that simple!

Pasta manufacturers typically use milled durum wheat (semolina, durum granulars, and durum flour) in
pasta production.

If Haitians consume so much of that stuff everyday then would it not be better to import the raw material, which in this case is only the durum wheat, and manufacture the pasta product in the country?

Whether you are eating spaghetti, macaroni, "koki" like the Haitians call one variety of macaroni. the only difference is it shape. It's pasta however you look at it.

This said, I am just talking a hole out of my you know what because the rich importers of pasta products in Haiti are more interested in their profits margin than creating jobs for the millions of Haitian unemployed out there. Why would they care?

If there is a manufacturer of pasta products like spaghetti and macaroni in Haiti, I don't know about it.

Update: We just discovered that Spaghetti Arlequin is made in Haiti

Spaghetti Arlequin - Made in Haiti

Spaghetti and Macaconi Arlequin - Products of Haiti

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Negbelair says...

Haitians are better at destroying than

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Jean Francois says...

Haiti Nou pa gen bourgeois industriel se bourgeois madan sara nou

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Jean Jacques Stephen Alexis says...

Arlequin is made in

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Subject: Haitians consumes so much pasta, spaghetti and macaroni, why is it not made in Haiti? edit

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