Why NOW is the perfect time to invest in Haiti...

True of False? If you bought a piece of land in Haiti over year ago, it would now be worth a lot more than what you paid for it. Had you left that money sleeping in Bank of America, I think we both agree you would barely get one one dollar interest on it.

Haiti - Open For Business

Do banks even pay interest any more? My bank accounts actually decreases every month from all these Bank fees.

But that is NOT the reason I am telling you that now is the time to invest in Haiti.

Hell... I am not Warren Buffet but I beginning to notice a trend here...

Let me share a few of them with you...

1 - Within the next ten years, there will be a whole lot of hotels built in Haiti... Why? To accommodate more guests...

2 - Within the next few years, there will be FIVE International airports in Haiti, Port-au-Prince International airport alone will have 14 new gates... Why? To accommodate more passengers...

4 - By December 2013, another airline company will begin offering multiple flights in and out of Haiti on a daily basis... Why? I am sure they are expecting a flow of traffic in and out of the country

5 - Within the next few years there will be a hell of a lot more paved roads in Haiti... What does that mean? Let me give you a hint... Hinche Haiti and the Plateau Centrale, is booming because of the Route Nationale 3 pavement.

6 - Most of the roads leading from Haiti to Dominican border will soon be paved... I've been through many of the borders and I can attest to this... The road from Lascahobas to Belladere (Elias Pina DR border) is under construction, the road from Hinche to Thomassique/Boc Banic/Cerca la Source (Pedro Santana / Banica DR border) is under construction. Recently I was stopped by a group of people doing surveys on the road for Haiti's department of Public Works (traveau public) they are doing surveys to understand how the road is being used... What does that mean? More commerce baby... We need to come up with goods and services to sell the Dominicans!

Why do you think all these things are happening?

Let me tell you something... OK my friend? Ti moso terre manman-w a papa-w te mouri kite pou en Haiti-a, pa kouri vann li tande? No matter how far up the mountains it is right... Don't be surprised if that piece of land later become your retirement fund.

All the money I wasted living la vida loca in the US of A... Mercedes Benz... Blahhh... Luxury apartment... Blahhh Blahhhh... Fancy Restaurants... Blahhhh... Blahhhh... Blahhhh...

Tonerrr Krizboulout mwen... Pito se anplasman mwen te ashte avek lajan sa yo an Haiti!

Woyyyyy Mwen Changeeeeee!!!! LOL


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Patrick Gaspard says...

I wonder were are the people?

Are we sleeping or a crowd of zombies?

Who is financing all those projects and who shall have the benefits.

We are cornered

So concerned by daily survival we don't pay attention to what's going on. (nou pran nan

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Ralph says...

Mon cher ou fin'n pale, mesi pou the great idea ou patage avek fre ou yo...

Mwen aprecie sa anpil pou kalite travay sa wap fe-a. Kembe

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Rich says...


Real talk, no lies. Soon I gotta get me a land. ki relem che met che metres, kreyol pale, kreyol konprann.

yon vre Ayisyen sipoze gen yon moso te lan

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Aly says...

Hah, my friend, you are right on point sou chak pwen ke-w avanse lar!

Monchè, mwen ap chèche yon atik ansyen kote Danny Glover t-ap ankouraje Ameriken Nwa pou al achte tè an Ayiti anvan blan fin achte tout; menm Ayisyen pa-t pòte atansyon a sa.

I think that being close to Aristide at that time, Glover was well aware of the blueprint that has been mapped out for the new Haiti which we are witnessing

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Rico says...

Wow! you are so right.

3 years ago I made a big decision, I came back home. let me tell you, I didn't regret it not a bit.

I opened my business, I live pretty well of it. I made a few investments, (real Estate) for a piece of property that I purchased a years ago for 40 Gs, I had an offer recently for the same property for 100 Gs.

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