Where will you be at 4:53pm this afternoon?

It was today that the earthquake hit Haiti, today at 4:53pm only one month ago...

Haiti 1 month after the earthquake
Haiti 1 month after the earthquake

Where will you be today at 4:53pm this afternoon?

One month ago, I could have been in Haiti. I actually left it up to the American Airlines customer service lady to pick any day in January for me to travel to Haiti...

She picked January 20th...

Where would I be at 4:53pm, one month ago, if she picked January 12th?

Last month, on January 12, 2010, at 4:52PM, I was on laying on my couch taking a nap.

Just like me, last month, there was a Haitian man, at 4:52PM, laying on his couch taking a nap...

and at 4:53PM...

He was dead...

Him, his wife, his kids, his entire family, and more than 200,000 of his neighbors.

How can we ever forget this day in Haiti, 01-12-10, 12 Janvier, 2010, we will never forget that day.

We can never forget that day, can you believe that it's been a month already?

How are we doing?

As for myself, I am having trouble sleeping at night, but I am not the important person in this equation...

I am alive, I am safe, and I am many miles away from ground ZERO.

I could talk for days but I think after watching a video of Andrise, a nine year old girl in Port-au-Prince haiti, saying "We don't want to live this kind of life anymore" you realize that we are very far away from signing "Haiti Cherie, pi bon peyi pa se ou nanpwen."

(video not available)

Our friends at for all who passed way on 01-12-10 at the time that the earthquake hit.


Where will you be today at 4:53 this afternoon?

God Bless you,
God bless the Haitian people,
God bless the Republic of Haiti.

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Mathilde S. says...

Thank you Bernadette.

I appreciate it. I will contact them as soon as I can. I really appreciate

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Guilene Osme says...

listening to this watching this only bring tears to my eyes. I'm lost for words, I don't know what to say. I'm keeping my brothers and sisters in prayers, because only God can help us. Only God can provide for my beautiful country and all the beauty that it contains.

My mom I don't know where, my beautiful sister I don't where she is only my God knows.

I am grateful to be alive, but at the same time I am dying inside.

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Rickwings says...

j'etait entrain de jouer du basket et en courant j'arrive pas a controleee la ball, je pense que c'est un joueur d'adversaire qui ma frapper, et je vu tou les genres commmencent a quitte le terrain, moi je m'en vole aussi et aller me poser ds une banque de bollette.

malheureusement je sais rien et la terre tremble et moi plus fort que la terre.

le marchand du bollete me faire savoir que c'est un seisme mais helas moi sur la face et enfin je m'en aille.

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Bernadette says...

Hey Mathilde,
I am so glad you answered this blog. Thank you.
The website address is: Bgrennell at

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Mathilde S. says...

Hey Bernadette.

I'm glad you brought that up. can you please give the adress and information about that organization.

I will appreciate it if i can get in touch with them for tents.

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Mizeliah says...

I was right in the midle of it I went to a funeral and I was suppose to fly back January 13. and the unexpected happened.God gives us a second chance.

Everytime I think about it and sometime I look at my face in the mirror tears come down to my face or I' just sobbing.

Just try to be normal specially when around other people and when I think about the less fortunate back home sleeping outside without a roof over their head and don't even know for how long...It is

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Arnold Principal says...

Hi! Woodring:

The Lord has decided that none of us be there, should-I?

I would be at the center of that earthquake.

So while mourning, glorify the Lord of our

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Bertrand Jn Bapt says...

Hi Saint Preux
On Tuesday Janvier 12/10 I was in haiti la plaine at this time I was
in my bedroom and on the time is is came them so inexplicable .but my wife is out side .Jesus save by a grass think ..poor mom haiticherie un moment rested.God bless

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Jesus says...

The Lord tried to rid the earth of the leaches...but,,the watery eyed nonbelievers go against thy fathers work by trying to save the animals.

I pray to dad another Quake of 10.0 magnitude hits the craphole and totally destroys everyone and

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Wesly Desinor says...

well God gives god takes but still..when we have childrens it`s a blessing from God to be a guidence to his childrens.

so they are the childrens of the lord not ours we are just bless to be a guidence..of God childrens..this is how i do understand this he had a plan for every one of us..i love my lord...now is time to celebrat life .and love how God more and

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