What Kind of Haiti do you Want in the Next 20 Years?

Earlier this morning I stumbled on a YouTube video made by a woman, she doesn't sound Haitian, about Ile-a-Vache, Haiti... While she admitted that there are currently NO roads, NO vehicles and NO infrastructure in the island, keep in mind we are in the year 2014, she is complaining that the Haitian Government is destroying mangroves and coconut trees to make room for these infrastructures...Well you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette!!!

PHOTO: What Haiti is, What Haiti Can Be...

Mangroves and Coconut trees? Really?

In the video, she says, the Haitian government destroyed a whole lot of coconut trees to make room from for an airport in Ile-a-vache. The government is destroying mangroves to make room for a seaport...

I wonder what people would say now if the Island of Manhatan New York was being built now...

You see, as some point in time, Manhattan was an island just like Ile-a-Vache is now, but some people decided to turn it into the most visited island in the United States, a central hub of the New York economy...

Speaking of New York, I wonder what people said when the LaGuardia Airport was being built in the edge of the East River...

What is wrong with these people?

Some people think Everything in Haiti is worth preserving INCLUDING the poverty the the people are in...

We have to stop thinking that Haiti is a freaking zoo where only tree, animals and illiterate people should prosper... Some of us Haitians know better...

I cannot believe that people will run to Punta Cana next door for a relaxing vacation, they will run to a resort in Jamaica or the Bahamas and they want the Republic of Haiti to remain AS IS... Just like the back yard of their great great grand mother, they want to see wild pigs roaming around only to say: YEP... That's Haiti! (curse word omitted!)

What do you think about that?

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Schuman says...

She is right.

The change is for a good purpose.

It will be beneficial to all of

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Josy says...

I have been to many places around the world, and was recently in Ecuador.

You must have a Bachelor degree to be a tour guide, and I would like to see Haiti the same way. I am not talking about the degree, but want Port au Price to look like Quito and cater to tourists.

The Ecuadorians are working, and the streets are clean.

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Patrick Princivil says...

Pa trò kasé tèt nou a Miami, New-York, ak Manhathan; trè byento tout ville sa yo pwal détwi, nou wè sak ap pasé nan mond lan, mou-n yo sé déjà énmi Bondyé ké yo yé, yo jwen moyen yo konblé lan-mè a ak sab, e yo chasé dlo a pou yo bati men wotè tèt chato yo, yo pa jan-m mét nan tèt yo lan-mè a gen pou-l pran plas li kòm jan li téyé avan?

Mwen pa ta swété gouvernement Haïsyen an pran nan pièj sa a. Si Bondyé té mété lan-mè pou mou-n fè kay yo ak wout li pa tap kité dlo pasé ladan, men-m jan li fè pou tè sèk la sé konsa li tap fè pou lanmè a tou; priyé Bondyé pou mou'n kap viv nan zòn sa yo, ville sa yo pwal kouvri anba dlo avan

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Jean Gary says...

I think she right.But if the government take people land, you have to pay them

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Mike says...

Se teoman yo komplike epi yap stil moun Tout vle president Tout vle travay nan buro pandan late dwe travay pou prodwi lakay blan Map jan vle nou avanse paske se sa yo prodwi Nap

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Guerlin says...

gen yon ansye filosof ki di " To wish great for a country is to harm its neighbor."
On that quote I say, don't dare think that your so call friends really want to see you doing better.

se nou antanke ayisyen ki pou panse pou Haiti, pratike sa kap bon pou Haiti, panse a project durab pou'm pa di permanant.

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