What is a Business Model?

"If you don't have a business model for your website, then all you have is a flee market"

Hello My Friend,

Today's article is very special... The reason it is so special is because I myself have leaned a great lesson in the past couple of weeks that I want to share with you.

You know that I had to shut down my website McDollars.com. Actually, I changed the name to MakeDollarZ.com

Making the decision to shut it down was a really tough one, I went around the internet asking everybody for advice

I must admit, I received some pretty good advices out there but one of them really caught my attention

One person said: "I don't even know why he's fighting to keep the name McDollars.com because he changed his business model and the name no longer goes with the service that he is now providing"

I didn't know exactly what he was talking about.

Not because I'm stupid; I've never done anything before that really required me to fully understand the definition of a Business Model

That's what I thought!...

Then a second person came and told me the same exact thing. He was a fellow Haitian businessman and surprisingly, he made a comment about my beloved Fouye.com

he said: "I realize that you have changed the "Business Model" of Fouye.com more than once"

"What are you talking about?" I asked him

He said: "Well, Fouye.com is known as 'The Haitian Search Engine', therefore when people go there, they are expecting to search for everything related to Haitians and the Haitian Community."

"I go to the site all the time and I love it, but I realize that you are turning it into an eBook Store."

"I cannot tell you what you should and should not do with your site, but I don't want you to forget the image that your website represents"

"It is it indeed a 'Haitian Search Engine' then that's exactly what people should see when they come in..."

You know something?...

He is absolutely right... But... What did I do wrong with Fouye.com?

Here's My Confession...

Some time ago, I started receiving email that the front page was taking too long to load. so instead of fixing it (which would require extensive hours of Script Creation) I decided to change the front page

What I didn't know was that my changing the front page and it's content, I was slowly changing the entire "Business Model" of Fouye.com

What is a Business Model?

This is the question I am going to answer for you today. After looking around for a really good explanation I found an article that makes perfect sense

Continue... Read: Optimal Business Models - What Is A Business Model?

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