Western Union Now Handling Haiti Government Payouts

Western Union has just announced plans to assist the Haitian Government in making cash payments to recipients of the government's "Ede Pep" program.

Western Union Location, Hinche Haiti

Ede Pep is a social program put in place by the Martelly administration to give financial support to students, parents, and other Haitians in need.

The next time you see someone in line at Western Union in Haiti, he may not necessary be waiting for some greenback from the States, he may just waiting for a little "tchotcho" from the Government.

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Franck says...

Very good program.

It will help the people of Haiti.

Bravo President Martelly.

It takes a Diaspora President to understand that program for the poor. Government should have made it in form of Foods Stamps.

No lottery, or Liquor purchase.

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Mm says...

Bonne idée...en autant que ce n'est pas un véhicule pour blanchir de l'argent

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Anna says...

mwen pas dakor ke nou pren kob americain nan main nou a letrange epi nou bail moune yo li en haitien laba. o moin oum voye lagen en haiti 4 fois nan

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Veyezow says...

Our people need work, not standing in line for 20 pias or 50

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