Watch Haiti News on NBC Miami NonStop

YES YOU CAN... Watch Haitian News, Weekdays at 10 PM, on NBC Miami...

Christalie Parisot On NBC Miami Non Stop

NBC, One of the biggest networks in America recognizes the power of the Haitian Community in the States.

Haitian News On NBC Miami NonStop

Now South Florida residents can watch Haiti News on NBC Miami Nonstop (WTVJ-DT2) with your host, Christalie Parisot.

Christalie Parisot, daughter of longtime Haitian radio and television personality Elizabeth Guerin, is the first Haitian to have a show on NBC.

From now on, every weekday at 10 PM, you can see her on NBC Comcast channel 216 and digital 6.2.

Watch this clip... Here is the TV Spot introducing the half-hour show to the South Florida Haitian community...

This is big news for South Florida residents and a big step for Haitian television...

Miami is definitely the capital of the Haitian Diaspora and the 2nd capital of Haiti. For us to have Haitian television program.

In the United States, television prime time are 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm Eastern. For a Haitian television program to launch prime time, Monday to Friday, it is a very big step and everyone behind it deserve a big "two thumbs up!"

SPONSORS... They need sponsors....

It is important to mention that Voila, Haiti's cell phones company, is the first Sponsor to represent Haitian businesses on NBC. There is only one thing more important than the ratings on TV and that thing is "SPONSORS"

If this show is to survive on NBC Miami, it will need a lot of sponsors. Contact Imagineart Media to get your ad on this new NBC Haitian television show.


What do you think about this new step in Haitian Television?

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All Comments (7)

Tina says...

Great News!! Love it!!
Congratulations to you guys, you

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Marie Elie says...

Oh yes. I won't miss it at

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Harold Fleurine says...

Iam verry happy for that big news for haitians people not only in Florida but around the world, this is the beginning the big news for haiti, I'm verry glad about that, Thank you

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Labady says...

Is the most amazing thing for the haitian community n the US. N hold world

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Lucy says...

I think God for that; however I can't watch the news cause I am in different states.

It's about time we get our own tv news. God be with you all, and making it

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Garry Destin says...

Wow, this is what we can call Lily; from the mud grows the mist beautiful flower.

I can't find it in Comcast in Florida.

By the way I have been having problems with a haitian woman in my job. She hates me just bases on the fact that I am Haitian.

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Serette Cherestal says...

If I lived in miami that would be great.

But never the lest its a great step for

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