VIDEO - ALO La Police - Clifford Brandt Arrested in Haiti for Kidnapping

Watch the VIDEO footage of the arrest of Clifford Brandt in Haiti, the rich businessman accused of kidnapping. The video also shows the live Rescue operation by Haitian police unit BRI (Brigade de Recherche et d'Intervention) to save the victims.

Clifford Brandt in Handcuffs, Arrested and Convicted for Kidnapping in Haiti
Clifford Brandt in Handcuffs, Arrested and Convicted for Kidnapping in Haiti

Here is partial VIDEO Transcript...

"... After answering questions by authorities, Clifford Brandt TOOK Haitian police to the location where HE had the hostages..."

"..The Haitian police intervention and rescue team ACCOMPANIED the presumed kidnaper (i.e. Clifford Brandt)to the location were the victims were held..."

Saa... Se bagay ou we nan fim wi!! HPD Blues...!

"In a tight operation that took place in the night of 22-23 Oct, after lots of suspence, lost of research, Haitian police finally spoted the victims [Coralie and Nicolas Moscoso] in a toilet that was not in service... Handcuffed... Blinded... Laying on a small mattress..."

WOW... I had this a picture of the victims since yesterday, I just didn't know whether to release it or not...

Coralie and Nicolas Moscoso - Kidnapped by Clifford Brandt?

What do you think now? Hmmmmmmm???

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Duvert James says...


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Guirlene says...

congradulation, but will justice really be

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Hughes says...

Congratulation to the national police that was a good job keep up the the good

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Lacay says...

very one keeps referring to Mr. Brandt as a rich businessman.

Please check your facts.

The man is a looser.

he has never done anything of his life. Vagabondage, Drugs, toutes kaliter de malpropreter.

His behavior should not surprise anyone.

Get over it

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Andre Cheval says...

mwen se list nom vagabon yo map tann, sak pral nervan an, se moun ou pa ta panse kap ladann, bravo la

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Piere says...

mwen kontan min pa bay clifford chans aprèsa la kraze peyi a se la nou pral Wè kisa leta ap

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Derrick says...

Colette, the author never claimed he was a professional journalist.

so, chill out girl!

Congrats to the Haitian police; I am begining to feel proud of them.
I am glad Coralie and Nicolas are able to join their families.

Thousand others were not so lucky.

An example must be set with this gang.How about forced labor for

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Shutup says...

Mwen m'ap mande eske gen patipri nan bagay yo. Bagay la pase la sou wout delma a. Tout moun we` asasen an epi li pa anba kod?

Li te sove pou 2,3 jou apre li tounen pi red nan lapolis la. Yo pa di krik, ni krak. Se yon chen ki te mouri a. Menm nan nouvel sa pa bay. Kidnapping selman yo ka

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Shutup says...

Yon zanmi m mouri la sou wout delma a. Tout moun we` se te yon polisye an sivil ki tiye katouch la. Epi okenn envenstigasyon pa te fet li pi red nan lapolis?

Nnan merde pou nou tou ak peyi kk nou

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Rza says...

I don't get it for a rich businessman to be involved in kidnapping that is just to show you that to get to the bottom problem of the kidnapping in Haiti you have to start at the head of the organization, to kill a snake you have to dismantle the head of the snake.

That is the same problem we face in Haiti...I hope he give all the names of other that are involve in his organization including the foot soldiers...God is

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