VIDEO: Cholera Outbreak in Haiti spreading closer to Port-au-Prince

Cholera is spreading in Haiti and it is rapidly finding its way into Port-au-Prince where over one million people are crowded in tent cities.

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Watch this VIDEO report - Al Jazeera has found evidence the disease is spreading closer to Port-au-Prince

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The latest figures in Haiti

So far, the cholera outbreak death toll is approaching the 200 mark in Haiti, with another 2,300 people reported to be sick.

And to think... the outbreak is only concentrated around Saint Marc.

What happens if it reaches Port-au-Prince?

Haitian actress Nadege Telfort posted on her facebook: "ATTENTION ATTENTION : The situation is getting worse : Archaie were attacked last night by Cholera, areas like: Babankou, Kafou Bwa and Sainta..... .....MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES is on site for first aid .... IF YOU HAVE FRIENDS AND FAMILY PLEASE FORWARD THIS MESSAGE AND LETS PRAY FOR HAITI."

What happens when it reaches Port-au-Prince?

I have to ask that way because buses and trucks loaded with people are leaving the area of St Marc everyday. the risk for spreading the disease is imminent.

What so you think?

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Josy says...

It is not a joke, and Haiti needs a huge revival.

The 10 millions Haitians need to get on their knees, and beg GOD for mercy.

We are cursed, and it will not stop until we surrender 100% to GOD. Haiti needs to ask THE ALMIGHTY for forgiveness for us, and the mother land where we inherited the curse from our forefathers.

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Subject: VIDEO: Cholera Outbreak in Haiti spreading closer to Port-au-Prince edit

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