Unlimited Internet Access in Haiti - Who do you Recommend?

I have been using Natcom for Internet access in Haiti but lately, I am beginning to wonder if there is something else out there... Is there such a thing as Unlimited Internet Access at an affordable price in Haiti?

Haiti Internet Access - DSL Speed Test - Natcom (Reduced Speed)

Natcom charges 1,400 Gourdes per month (about $35) for internet access but once you go past 5GB, you end up with internet "a pas de tortue." It is Sloooooowwwww...

Digicel says they have 4G... Have you tried it? How good is it?

An employee at Natcom tells there is no 4G in Haiti, Digicel may have "4th generation" something but it is not 4G speed...

A friend suggest to me that I switch to AccessHaiti for internet access...

What do you suggest?

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Jdave84 says...

Sorry my friend, but Natcom offer wired and ADSL internet and they are the number one in internet access (the only company in haiti provided high speed internet based on fiber optical cable).

Digicel don't have 4g internet they don't even have fiber optic

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Saint Charles Flerinord says...

That is good news for Haiti Do they provide internet for desk top

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Ronel says...

Everybody offers some sort of mobile internet service in Haiti not no one offers WIRED internet (DSL or Cable) If they do I know nothing about

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