Two Haitians Carried Jesus' Cross, Did You Know?

In time of crisis in Haiti, one often hear the words "Se Kwa Pam M-ap Pote" meaning "I am carrying my own cross." Well this year, on Good Friday in Rome, two Haitians actually carried Jesus' cross. Symbolic... But will Haiti be resurrected?

Haiti and The Passion of Christ

It is a ceremony called Via Crucis or Stations of The Cross, a ceremony that happens every Good Friday to commemorate the Passion or Christ, a depiction of the final hours of Jesus Christ on earth.

Watch the video as thousands of people accompany pope Benedict XVI as he presides over the Via Crucis in the Coliseum in Rome.

As two Haitians, along with two Iraqis, a Vietnamese, a Congolese, two brothers of the Custody of the Holy Land, and one patient with a stretcher-bearer carried Jesus' cross between the Coliseum and the Palatine Hill, a meditation from Cardinal Camillo Ruini was read at each station. Pope Benedict XVI accompanied the cross at the last two stations.

Haitians have been carrying the cross for a very long time!

The recent earthquake in Haiti is probably the heaviest cross that the Haitian people had to carry over the years. Unlike personal tragedies that we often have to deal with day by day, this one is a cross that all of us are going to carry for many years, if not decades.

Two youths from Haiti carried Jesus' cross in Rome to represent all of the Haitian people who have suffered as a result of the recent earthquake in Haiti.

This must have a huge meaning for the Catholics in Haiti.

Many catholic churches collapsed in the devastating earthquake of January 12 and amongst the 200,000+ Haitians who died that day, the catholic Archbishop himself, Haitian Archbishop Joseph Serge Miot, lost his life when the main cathedral of Port-au-prince collapsed.

Haiti has been carrying the cross since before she was born and to think...

A long... long time ago... a father sent his only son to carry that cross for all of us so we wouldn't have to.

Just like that young man called Jesus Christ who dared to call himself king, Haiti bled, she dared to be free, and she was crucified for the liberty of people who were enslaved, some of them far beyond her shores.

Unlike Jesus Christ, Haiti is still awaiting resurrection.

Let us up hope and pray, better yet, let us make sure that Haiti's resurrection happens NOW because Haiti cannot remain in that tomb much longer.

Now is the time for Haiti to rise up out of the tomb and regain her rightful place in the world.

The question still remains...

Our fathers who art in heaven... Will Haiti be resurrected?

(PVS Canal 16 contributed to this article)

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Antoine Suprenor says...

Carried Jesus' cross does not mean carry a piece of wood to show off, but it does mean for every Haitians to repent from doing evil and say to God be the glory.

It does mean stop practicing magic, start practicing Jesus and let Jesus take care our business for us, It does mean for our leaders to stop stealing, love our country just like American's people love theirs and work hard to make everyone respect it and work to the benefit of its progress.

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Jeff says...

only GOD knows that answer becouse only God can take our lives i beleave therewas lot of evel activits in haiti and maybe it wasent good for the earth maybe we dont apreciate life and we needed that shake to wake all of us

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